Logo Intro Concept Animation

Logo animations to lighten up your logo design

What would be flower without a bee or tree without a birds? That would be a company without the logo design. Wherever you look in todays world you will see many brands and logo designs. In metro or in the shop, you name it. Logo designs are essential parts of our lives. 

Another modern aspect of the logo design is logo animation video. An animated introductory video that spectacularly presents an company logo design in motion. logo animations are usually used to open or close the presentational video or business website.

Logo animated video that tells the story

Logo animations are there to catch viewers attention and show business brands in the first few seconds of the opening of a video presentation. Those first few seconds are cruical part in the life of an video show presented on social media or broadcast.

Logo animations can be simple and plain or complex and fully 3d animated videos. That usually depends on the project budget and the original production idea.

Most modern companies have their logo animation video done by a design teams and professionals. They build up idea and send the storyboard. Once client is in love with the story project is then started. Even if the intro video looks simple, believe it or not, it is a pretty complex process behind it, where all aspect of the visual engagement need to be considered. From length of the intro to the colors and speed of the animation.

Animated Video Shapes

Importance of logo animated videos in social media

Owning a Facebook page or Youtube channel that is not yet popular can be problem for a starters. Getting recognized by a logo design and channel intro is one of the ways for success.

Making 3-5 seconds long logo animation is a good boost and great upgrade for your videos.

This way video viewer who is coming from another Youtube video does not need to read the video title and description to recognize particular channel. This way your channel will look profesional and as one which is taken care of. It will make first impression count.

Get your logo intro animation

Logo animation done by a professionals

Getting good and unique, custom logo animation is a serious work to be done and it should be performed by a professionals in that field. Finding reliable logo design & logo animation team is not always an easy task.

Our friends at Quince Media, they doing great job making logo animations on everyday basis and they are overhelmed by a happy customers.

Feel free to check them out by yourself and become one of their always-returning and happy clients.